Fall 2012!

Hello Everybody,

The new year is underway with all of our pledges making it through! Girls were not so lucky and had some drop out at the beginning. We even are lucky enough to have the infamous Eric Primdahl back with us here at Carthage. It’s looking like it is going to be a really fun semester! Homecoming is coming up soon on the 29th of September! We will of course be selling brats and will have new t-shirts for alumni to purchase. No more cycling of old ones, new shirts!

Our E-Board has decided that is is about time the Kamikazi Party be brought back! It just so happens that December 7th falls on a Friday, so we are fighting with a couple other frats to lock down that night as our night. We are all very excited for this to happen!

Semi has already been set for November 3rd at the Roma Lodge which is where it was held last year. We all are looking forward to seeing alum at both homecoming and at semi!

Thanks for reading!

The Actives

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New Pledges

Hello all,

A new year of pledging is upon us and the men of Tau Sigma Chi were able to rally in ten quality pledges! Their names are as follows:

Matt Krause (soph)

Mitch Recher (Fresh)

Teryn Solan (Fresh)

Kevin Gussell (Fresh)

Sam Hoffman (Fresh)

Evan Weyrauch (Fresh)

Nick Bauch (Soph)

Chris Schiltz (Soph)

Isaac Nothem (Fresh)

Brennan Reynolds (Fresh)

We are proud to say that we have a quality group of guys here that sans pledge process will be a great group of Turtles. We are looking forward to these next couple of weeks and getting to know these guys better!

The Doves were able to rope in   pledges this Spring. We are also looking forward to these girls possibly becoming our sisters in the weeks to come. The pledges are as follows:

Allie Costello (Soph)

Ana Martinez (Junior)

Kayla Arbet (Junior)

Tyler Jansma (Fresh)

Lexi Kingery (Fresh)

Amanda Soos (Junior)

Meg Plunkett (Fresh)

Olivia Campbell (Fresh)

Jackie Lambrecht (Fresh)

Hailey Ongman (Soph)

This is looking to be a great semester of pledging for both sides!


A date has been set! April 27th and 28th will be the dates for this years formal. We will be returning to Pewaukee this year thanks to a great year last year! We ask any alum that are hoping to attend to contact an active so that we can get a solid number on those that will be attending. We hope to see many of you there!

Best of luck,

The Actives


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New E-Board

Hello all,

As the first semester comes to a close we once again have voted to a new E-board. Many were nominated and we give praise to them all, but at the end of the day not all could make the cut. Our new E-board for the guys is as follows:

President: Luke Kunzie taking over for Chad Goeke

Vice President: Scott Pinter taking over for Krzysztof Kowal

Secretary: Alex George taking over for Luke Kunzie

Treasurer: Connor McCurrie taking over for Jason Roegner

Delegate At Large: Tyler Smith taking over for Mike Moravek

The girls also had elections which will be posted tomorrow.

We tried something new this year for our final meeting in which we are calling the beer exchange. It was a lot of fun passing around random beers that no one has even heard of. I’m sure this will be a tradition for years to come. Overall it would be easy to say that it was a successful semester for all with a few hick-ups along the way. Many enjoyed our semi-formal even though there was a great mishap with the buses. Roma Lodge may happen again next year. I guess we will find out when the time comes. For now everyone is either studying hard for finals, finishing up their thesis’, or enjoying their last couple days of college. In any case we want to give a big thank you to the E-board of last year and a welcome to the new. We have a long year ahead of us, but one that I am sure we are all looking forward to.


The new E-board and all of our actives.

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Happy Homecoming

Turtles and Doves hard at work

Great job on the Float

Homecoming 2011

Hope everyone that came out to Carthage Homecoming 2011 had am amazing time. We love meeting the alumni that go way back especially the founders. You guys are amazing for starting such a great organization that I consider my family here in Kenosha. TEX makes me never homesick, I always know there are people that I can count on, and I always have an amazing time with my brothers and sisters. Thank you all for an amazing senior year homecoming.

-Krzysztof Kowal

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The new year has begun

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone had a fantastic summer of 2011 with friends and family. But now the TEX family has reunited once again on the Carthage campus for another year, and for some of us the last year, of shenanigans that will make some very interesting noses to say the least.

The year is off to a quick and fast start with even some of our alumni visiting us already and having a great time with us all once again. Their visits just make us how much we miss all of them and wish for them to always be around. We love to have the alumni pay us a visit anytime they wish and even come to any meetings they wish. Both Turtles and Doves meet at 9pm in the JAC 209/207 classrooms, and there is always an open invite to our alumni.

More importantly, Homecoming is coming at us fast. Start looking forward to amazing tasting brats and a day of booze, brats, parties, and friends on October 1st. We are hoping to see as many old faces as we can that day! Come to the table selling our famous brats and hangout with us for awhile.

See everyone soon,

-The Actives

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End of the year

Well we are here at the end of another year at Carthage, and it comes with great happiness as well as sadness. First off we love to say that all our pledges have made it through the process. The Turtles were activated early May 11th and the lovely Doves were active the morning of May 13th. We have added great members that will continue to make our fraternity the best on campus for years to come.

But as new turtles and doves enter, we are sad to see our seniors leave us after four great years of being the cornerstone in our family. They shaped the way the fraternity is today and we are thankful to them for upholding the traditions that you the alumni established for us. As graduation approaches it becomes harder to actually comprehend that they have to leave. We have all spent so much time together over the past 3 years, for some actives, and now we have to be without them. We love them all and will miss each and every one of them. All you seniors better come to homecoming and buy a brat next year and have a drink with us all again.

Other updates since the last post.

Man of the Year:  Thomas Stowe

Playmate of the Year: Bri Birsa

Formal was a great success and as proof we have a $1300 beer tab to prove it. Pledge dances were amazing and turtles roused it up.


God bless our graduating members and our alumni, new and old

-The Actives

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New Adviser

This is our new adviser Dr. Eric Pullin. He is a history professor at Carthage. When coming to a decision on a new adviser the Actives could not think of anyone better that embodies the Tau Sigma Chi spirit than this man. He has a plethora of stories that would put all of our noses to shame. When first approached with the offer of becoming our adviser, he was happier than a freshman receiving a bid. We hope he will be with us for a long time to come to keep our fraternity strong for years to come.

On a side note, Pullin is Jewish so we shall be promptly providing him with a kippah with the Turtle crest embroidered on it for him to wear on letter days, along with a stylish Turtle tie.

-The Actives

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Yearbook photo

Keeping it classy since 1953


-The Actives

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Let the games begin

Today begins everyones favorite, most invigorating game that has every been played. The feeling of panic consumes you as you see a car slow down in front of you, and thoughts of where to run to race through your mind. Knowing that when you are alone you are an easy target for the (hopefully) relentless pledges. That fear and excitement that fills you up as you run from a poorly planned sting operation is one that is rarely matched elsewhere. Then once safety is achieved, the plotting begins as the tables turn against the pledges; we have the upper hand. More experience, more manpower, more craftiness always wins against newbies.

Pimping makes the pledge season that much more exciting. My favorite story from my experiences was as a pledge pulling off a great con to get the same active for the fourth time. The con was perfect. A pledge brother replicated the turtle presidents facebook pages and messaged the constantly pimped active in order to “meet and discuss retaliation”. Little did he know that outside the library five pledges have set up shop in order to capture the active. Even once inside the car, he did not realize it was all a set up. It was a great day.

We love hearing stories (obviously) so please feel free to share some stories.


-the Actives

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Dove Pledges ’11

The Doves did an amazing job this year at recruiting. After a year of activating only 3 turtle doves, the ladies have 14 ladies that are going through the pledge process. The dove pledges are a diverse group that all will make excellent Doves, in due time. They have already made their lovely Dove pledge shirts and began greeting today. All you Doves know how much you loved greeting all the Actives :) Sammy Jo Mahler is the pledge trainer this year, and I cannot think of anyone else that I would rather have as a pledge trainer this year. She will pass on her love for the organization and traditions down unto the new generation of baby Doves within the next few months.

The Pledges:


Alex Haugan
Alina Diaz
Amanda Kuchan
Caitlyn Kawell
Christina Munench
Ember McCoy
Hailey Habenicht
Hanna Mrozek
Jillian Burnickas
Katie Delisle
Laney (Illana) Brooks
Natalia Bialecka
Natalie Stowe
Seles VanHuss


Good luck ladies and have fun.
-The Actives
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