Let the games begin

Today begins everyones favorite, most invigorating game that has every been played. The feeling of panic consumes you as you see a car slow down in front of you, and thoughts of where to run to race through your mind. Knowing that when you are alone you are an easy target for the (hopefully) relentless pledges. That fear and excitement that fills you up as you run from a poorly planned sting operation is one that is rarely matched elsewhere. Then once safety is achieved, the plotting begins as the tables turn against the pledges; we have the upper hand. More experience, more manpower, more craftiness always wins against newbies.

Pimping makes the pledge season that much more exciting. My favorite story from my experiences was as a pledge pulling off a great con to get the same active for the fourth time. The con was perfect. A pledge brother replicated the turtle presidents facebook pages and messaged the constantly pimped active in order to “meet and discuss retaliation”. Little did he know that outside the library five pledges have set up shop in order to capture the active. Even once inside the car, he did not realize it was all a set up. It was a great day.

We love hearing stories (obviously) so please feel free to share some stories.


-the Actives

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  1. Brian DiVito says:

    4 actives were hopping in my car when we saw one of our pledges, Dan Geraty come walking out of Johnson Hall, he asked us where we were going, one of the actives, without missing a beat told him the Doves pimped an active and we knew where he was and had to go get him. We asked if he wanted to join us, he said sure, he got in the back of the car voluntarily, sitting bitch. As we pulled out of the lot, the pledge asked who got pimped. ‘You’ we replied. We took him and dropped him off somewhere, on our way back to Carthage, we passed the BP on HWY E and 22nd ave and saw the distinctive Jeep of another pledge parked on the side of the building, ended up pimping him too.

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